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Our most popular Tree services for you

The services below are the most popular, we have other tree services as well which are not listed here.

Stump Removal Project Cape Town
Stump Removal

Stump removal is one of the most popular service. Stumps need to be removed as they may affect the surrounding environment.

Tree Felling Cape Town
Tree Felling

Tree Cutting is one of our main services and we have the right equipment to cut any tree of any size. Our team will be ready to do the task for you, with all the tools.

Branch Removal Project Cape Town
Branch Removal

Branch removal is another part of trimming or tree Pruning. We remove branches that grow in unwanted areas. Reach out to us for all your branch removals.

Palm Trimming Cape Town
Palm Tree Trimming

Palm trees need to be maintained so that they stay in shape. We offer all palm tree services.

Tree Topping Project
Tree Topping

Topping is essential for most trees so that they are healthy as they grow. We offer topping services all around Cape Town.

Dumping in Cape Town

After cutting trees there is one other important thing that is dumping. Dumping is also one of our services.

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our services

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